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A few weeks ago I was contacted by a clothing company who wanted to gift me some items in exchange for a blog post. Of course as with anything I checked out the store first, I have had to turn some companies down when it comes to gifting, as if I genuinely don’t like the clothes I can’t accept them and I feel inauthentic. So to my delight there were some items I really loved, the website has a cool laid back vibe and I think that there is definitely something for everyone. I chose a really cool pair of flat sandals adorned with pompoms that are super bright and really gorgeous for summer, next I chose a beautiful blouse with a bird print on, which looks great teamed with skinny jeans and I am equally looking forward to wearing it on my holidays with denim cut offs or as a cover up on the beach, the last item I chose was a really lovely necklace which is really bohemian and has that hippie style I love. The price range is super affordable and the quality of the items is great, so in all I am a very happy bunny (What girl isn’t at the prospect of free clothes!) The bag I styled the blouse with is from my collection I am selling, you can email me for more details (Shameless plug there for myself!!) I hope you like the items and if you want to check out the website it is

Currently listening to Pharrell Williams new album Girl, favourite one (Its the rudest but I love the beat!) Gush!


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If you guys are ever in the region of Valencia, I would definitely recommend you take a visit to a magical place called Guadalest, it is located in the mountainous area of Marina Baixa, in the province of Alicante. The historic town is at the very top of the mountains and has remarkable views, the rumour with the locals is that there are angel spirits in the valleys. Now don’t call me crazy but I think I believe it, there is something incredibly peaceful and spiritual about it here, it has such a calming effect. Climbing the castle is no mean feat in the hot weather, but the scenery from the top is nothing short of breath taking. Throughout the town there are lots of quaint souvenir and craft shops, there is a bbq restaurant on the way up which has some of the best chicken I’ve ever tasted! It even enticed me out of a two day veggie programme (No will power you see!) A word to the wise though, if you are prone to feeling a little queasy travelling be sure to take a couple of joy rides or whatever travel sickness pills go by the name of these days, the winding roads make you feel like you’ve done a couple of hours on the waltzers after downing a bottle of cider (Can speak from experience, we were all 15 once. No?) I was ok on the way up, but coming down I felt like my head was about to fall off. Anyway it didn’t last long…. So don’t let that put you off. It really is worth it and if you are snap happy like me you will be in your elements.

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Perfect print

There are certain items I prefer to splurge on, mainly accessories and also special occasion outfits. When I was younger I was a little more obsessed with wearing designer clothes all day, every day, but as I’ve grown older (and wiser) I tend to mostly wear high street for the day time and like to buy versatile pieces I can dress up for a night out. But, like every girl I love a bargain, especially a bargain that I can make look a lot more expensive than it was! Primark is not really a shop I buy a lot of my clothes from, I mainly pop in there for white cotton vests or pj’s, there is the one off thing I sometimes see and think it’s quite nice, but then you run the risk of half the country wearing the same mass produced dress or jacket. Not very inspiring is it? Anyway I was in there before I came away just picking up some basics and spotted this cute little printed dress on a rail all by itself… for seven pound! Seven pounds!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, the print is lovely, as is the use of colours, it has really nice detailing and the fit is perfect. I teamed it with some jewelled neon sandals, a gold belt and a fedora for a day of shopping and lunch here in Spain. I honestly think with little gems like this knocking around and some creativity there is really no reason for anyone to dress badly. My advice with Primark… Buy a jacket? Change the buttons. A dress? Lose the cheapo belts they put on everything, buy your own vintage leather version, add your own embellishment, shorten the length. A T’shirt? Rip off the sleeves, buy from the Mens section, add a broach. Just change it up, try not to pick any pieces magazines have killed to death and those aluminous vests they sell for about a pound or the polyester blouses that give you a rash… Just step away from those! Remember it is throwaway fashion, so there is really no point spending say £100 in there on a load of clothes you may get a few washes out of, you would be so much better off spending that on a well made jacket, bag or shoes you could get a lot more cost per wear out of. It’s all about being original and trying to spin your own style on something no matter how much or little it cost.

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Sandals; H&M, Belt; Zara, Fedora; Ralph Lauren

Mellow Yellow

I am absolutely head over heels for this yellow silk maxi skirt. Yellow is one of my favourite colours of all time and when it is done right can be one of the most stunning looks. This skirt just feels so glamorous, yet effortless, It is incredibly flattering and the fabric flows so beautifully. I love the contrast of black against the brightness of the yellow and as crop tops are everywhere at the moment this is a really classy way to wear this style without showing to much skin (Britney Spears circa 2000 belly tops are not the same!) This skirt will also look gorgeous in the Autumn months with a cropped leather jacket, fine knit jumper, belted with chunky biker boots. I must give a little nod to my girl Nat who inspired me for this look, she rocks the crop tops and maxi skirts like nobody else! Whilst I write this I am on my balcony with a chilled glass of white wine listening to a playlist by Majestic, if you haven’t heard these guys remixes you are missing out, a definite download must! Perfect 🙂

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Skirt; Zara, Top;, Hat; Cynthia Rowley


The giraffe dress

I first spotted this gorgeous maxi dress about four months ago in my local H&M store, unfortunately they didn’t have my size and it was completely sold out online, So you can imagine my delight when my mum (being the little angel that she is) found it for me in the Trafford Centre and bought it for me. It has definitely become one of my favourite pieces for this summer, it is so light and airy, I adore the fabric, it reminds me of a giraffe. Looks great belted or just worn lose (always a plus when you’ve had a big meal!) I wear it with flat brown leather sandals and a floppy hat, I think Rachel Zoe would be proud! This dress looks so much more expensive than £30 and is something I know I will wear summer after summer.

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Floppy hat; Accessorize, Belt; Zara, Sunglasses; Ray Bans, Bag; Zara

Hola Espana

As soon as we land in Spain and that warm heat and balmy, salty scent hits me I know our summer holidays have officially begun. We holiday in a small costal town near Valencia, which is our second home. It is a beautiful place with amazing beaches, restaurants, cocktail bars and places for the Children. This area of Spain is a place where mostly Spanish holiday and is completely unspoilt, you won’t find any high rise buildings or tacky English pubs! Whilst here I will be practicing plenty of sunrise yoga with my mum (Always helps when your mum’s a yoga teacher!) Eating lots of healthy fish dishes and yummy salads, working out with my brother (Also helps when he is a personal trainer) and his girlfriend (Both of them are like machines, you will probably find me having a near death experience in the corner of the gym, drowned in my own sweat from trying to keep up!) and just living the simplistic perfect lifestyle I adore. Watching the coconuts swim, play and make new friends, having late night dips and a few cocktails (Or mocktails!) at the beach huts suit us aplenty. Be sure to keep checking for my holiday must haves and the perfect beach chic outfits


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Summer Playlist

My taste in music is incredibly eclectic, I can flit between all different genres. In the summer I generally prefer easy breezy uplifting songs. Here is a quick post with my current favourites that I’m enjoying right now. I always have music playing, its so important and can change your mood instantly. I guarantee if you are having a bad day listen to these songs and you will be feeling on top of the world in no time 🙂

1. Chvrches: Gun

2. Clean Bandit: Dust clears

3. John Newman: Love me again

4. AlunaGeorge: Attracting flies

5. Disclosure feat London Grammar: Help me lose my mind

6. Haim: Falling

7. Chris Malinchak: So good to me

8. Foals: My number

9. Solange: Losing you

10. Josh Record: The war

11. Ms Mr: Think of you

12. London Grammar: Strong