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A few weeks ago I was contacted by a clothing company who wanted to gift me some items in exchange for a blog post. Of course as with anything I checked out the store first, I have had to turn some companies down when it comes to gifting, as if I genuinely don’t like the clothes I can’t accept them and I feel inauthentic. So to my delight there were some items I really loved, the website has a cool laid back vibe and I think that there is definitely something for everyone. I chose a really cool pair of flat sandals adorned with pompoms that are super bright and really gorgeous for summer, next I chose a beautiful blouse with a bird print on, which looks great teamed with skinny jeans and I am equally looking forward to wearing it on my holidays with denim cut offs or as a cover up on the beach, the last item I chose was a really lovely necklace which is really bohemian and has that hippie style I love. The price range is super affordable and the quality of the items is great, so in all I am a very happy bunny (What girl isn’t at the prospect of free clothes!) The bag I styled the blouse with is from my collection I am selling, you can email me for more details (Shameless plug there for myself!!) I hope you like the items and if you want to check out the website it is

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Perfect print

There are certain items I prefer to splurge on, mainly accessories and also special occasion outfits. When I was younger I was a little more obsessed with wearing designer clothes all day, every day, but as I’ve grown older (and wiser) I tend to mostly wear high street for the day time and like to buy versatile pieces I can dress up for a night out. But, like every girl I love a bargain, especially a bargain that I can make look a lot more expensive than it was! Primark is not really a shop I buy a lot of my clothes from, I mainly pop in there for white cotton vests or pj’s, there is the one off thing I sometimes see and think it’s quite nice, but then you run the risk of half the country wearing the same mass produced dress or jacket. Not very inspiring is it? Anyway I was in there before I came away just picking up some basics and spotted this cute little printed dress on a rail all by itself… for seven pound! Seven pounds!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, the print is lovely, as is the use of colours, it has really nice detailing and the fit is perfect. I teamed it with some jewelled neon sandals, a gold belt and a fedora for a day of shopping and lunch here in Spain. I honestly think with little gems like this knocking around and some creativity there is really no reason for anyone to dress badly. My advice with Primark… Buy a jacket? Change the buttons. A dress? Lose the cheapo belts they put on everything, buy your own vintage leather version, add your own embellishment, shorten the length. A T’shirt? Rip off the sleeves, buy from the Mens section, add a broach. Just change it up, try not to pick any pieces magazines have killed to death and those aluminous vests they sell for about a pound or the polyester blouses that give you a rash… Just step away from those! Remember it is throwaway fashion, so there is really no point spending say £100 in there on a load of clothes you may get a few washes out of, you would be so much better off spending that on a well made jacket, bag or shoes you could get a lot more cost per wear out of. It’s all about being original and trying to spin your own style on something no matter how much or little it cost.

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Sandals; H&M, Belt; Zara, Fedora; Ralph Lauren