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A few weeks ago I was contacted by a clothing company who wanted to gift me some items in exchange for a blog post. Of course as with anything I checked out the store first, I have had to turn some companies down when it comes to gifting, as if I genuinely don’t like the clothes I can’t accept them and I feel inauthentic. So to my delight there were some items I really loved, the website has a cool laid back vibe and I think that there is definitely something for everyone. I chose a really cool pair of flat sandals adorned with pompoms that are super bright and really gorgeous for summer, next I chose a beautiful blouse with a bird print on, which looks great teamed with skinny jeans and I am equally looking forward to wearing it on my holidays with denim cut offs or as a cover up on the beach, the last item I chose was a really lovely necklace which is really bohemian and has that hippie style I love. The price range is super affordable and the quality of the items is great, so in all I am a very happy bunny (What girl isn’t at the prospect of free clothes!) The bag I styled the blouse with is from my collection I am selling, you can email me for more details (Shameless plug there for myself!!) I hope you like the items and if you want to check out the website it is

Currently listening to Pharrell Williams new album Girl, favourite one (Its the rudest but I love the beat!) Gush!


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An inch of skin

Admittedly I’m not really a ‘sexy’ (Hate that word, makes me shudder) kind of dresser (or person for that matter), I never dress for men or really show a whole lot of skin. The whole thing just makes me uncomfortable, I much prefer leaving a little to the imagination. However as much as it pains me to say it, over the knee boots are quite overtly sexual. Alas I do love them though, but worn in the right way they can still look classy. The key is to cover everything else up, there’s nothing worse than boobs, bum, bingo wings, back….. trying to think of another B for legs… all hanging out, you get the picture. You want to say ‘You can look but you can’t touch’ not ‘Please come and spend the night with me, I’m £10 an hour’. I wore this outfit last Saturday for a meal at Mal Maison Liverpool, with my gal pals. The food and wine where delicious, as was the company, my cheeks where hurting we laughed so much. My mum recently visited Florence in Italy and picked up this gorgeous skirt from Zara for me and the necklace was also a gift from her (isn’t she the best!). It’s incredibly special as it’s vintage and made from Aurora borealis stones which means ‘Northern lights’ It is inspired by the Northern Lights as it has a special iridescent finish that shines with many colours. These pieces are very rare and was invented in the 1950’s by the Swarovski company with Christian Dior. I love how dainty it is, it is the perfect complement to any outfit. With this outfit I’ve also broke the rule that navy and black should never be paired together, I personally think this is a load of nonsense as the two colours look beautiful together and super chic. Hope you guys are enjoying your Saturday, have a great weekend 🙂

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Coat; Zara, Shirt; Next, Belt; Aqua Couture, Skirt; Zara, Boots; Christian Louboutin, Necklace; Vintage

Hats off for Harem!

So the weather has been absolutely delightful and once the nice weather comes along, I dig out my favourite style of trousers… The harem’s. These style of trousers are not really everybody’s cup of tea and I have some that are a lot less tailored than this pair, safe to say the old ball and chain isn’t a humungous fan. Nevertheless I love them, they keep me cool, look great with heels or flat sandals and I can even do a bit of downward dog wherever or whenever I please. I have worn harem pants for years, having lived in Spain for most of my twenties, I loved how nonchalant the Spanish girls style of dressing was and I found my style really starting to change. They have had a huge comeback in fashion the last couple of years they’re less ‘boho’ more smart, in strong fabrics and are a lot more flattering. This pair from Bershka are quite structured, the crotch isn’t quite as dropped as some of the more ‘Beachy’ pairs I own, they can even be worn with super high stilettos and a dressier top for a night out. What’s not to love?!




Trousers Bershka, T’shirt H&M, Shoes Zara, Necklace Next, Bag Chanel

Let’s hear it for the boy!

When I had my son, I didn’t think I would enjoy dressing him and boy’s fashion as much as I did with my daughter. Even whilst I was pregnant I was still drawn towards beautiful cotton dresses, soft baby pinks and pastels, Spanish lace, liberty print romper suits, gingham trousers with bonpoint crisp white blouses… I’m pretty sure I was Daisy & Tom’s (Brilliant Children’s store in Manchester, That unfortunately has closed down Sob!) most regular customer. The thought of boy’s clothes just seemed so daunting and unimaginative. I’ve never enjoyed shopping for my husband, he always returns any clothes I buy him and seems to just buy himself the same thing over and over. Boring! So my little surprise arrived 3rd November 2007 and I found myself immersed in a new world of baby blues, Breton stripes, lots of bold prints, nautical styles and many many pairs of Converse. Picking outfits for my little monster has become one of my favourite things to do, I absolutely love the ‘Preppy’ look and I like to keep everything as neutral as possible, very classic, but with a little fun injected here and there. Football kits are not really high on my agenda, but as he’s gotten older he loves them, so I try to keep those to a minimum, I’m warned by my husband and brother that his love for these ghastly polyester outfits will only increase with age, so I’m hoping he’s a tennis lover or even cricket. Now they are some stylish sporting ensemble’s. Super bright colours and overtly logo’d clothes are out of the window, I don’t want him running around like he’s just had a free for all in Oilily! I like good quality fabrics, durable, comfortable and most of all pieces I can mix and match. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just have an eye for well made items and a little imagination.  My favourite shops for my wee coconut are Zara, Next, H&M, Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker do some really cute funky T’shirts and swimming trunks. Throw on a pair of navy cargo shorts, a Breton T’shirt with a white shirt over, some navy pumps or boat shoes and a straw trilby, you can’t go wrong. I hope you all enjoy dressing your little mini monster as much as I do, here are some lovely photo’s for inspiration.


P’s Monsters Inc slippers are always chic 😉

Chocoholics anonymous!

It’s the time of week I absolutely adore, Sunday afternoon, after a whirlwind week with family and the coconuts I am enjoying this downtime even more than usual. The kids have one more week off School, but as of tomorrow morning I am on a strict detox, the amount of chocolate that we have consumed this past week is nothing short of grotesque. Damn that evil Easter bunny! He is definitely a wolf in sheeps clothing, its just so hard to resist when you know there are eggs in the cupboards just screaming to be eaten. A few bites turns into half an egg, half an egg turns into a full one, next thing you know your rolling around in a chocolate induced high screaming for mercy. Okay maybe a little over exaggeration, but you get the idea. The thing is, the bambinos dont go near them yet the hub and I are like heroin addicts craving the next hit. Its any excuse to get the kettle on and get on the gear! As I write this I am listening to an album called ‘Animal Magic’ by Bonobo (Recommended by mi hermano, have to get that in there or he’ll have my guts for garters!) Its seriously so chilled and relaxing I’m almost falling asleep, beautiful music. I love the coconuts being off School, we have had a wonderful week full of creative days painting, visits to family, a trip to Alton Towers (Just a tip if you are planning a day out there, see if there are any deals online or discount vouchers about, as it ridiculously expensive. And thats coming from me who is terrible with money and probably over generous) Meals out, movie nights and lots of quality time. Next week is super busy, as it’s little Miss Isabella’s birthday (The to do & to buy, for that matter, list is as long as an orangutan’s arm!) Yesterday was the Grand National, So Liverpool was electric with atmosphere, I always feel like the media tries to take the shine off the day though, by humiliating unsuspecting victims with their fashion crimes. Liverpool is full of stylish, classy ladies, wouldn’t it be lovely if these cruel journalists would show that side of our city. What bugs me is most of the women they interview are not even from Liverpool. So ironic! It’s a great day for Liverpool though and I was kind of disappointed I decided not to go, especially as the sun was out too.I backed Sonnyhill boy (for obvious reasons) all I know is he didn’t win but I love the excitement of it all. With this post I’m going to let my pictures tell the story of our week, the hub won’t let me put him on here as he’s pretty camera shy, so to those who don’t know me personally, he will continue to remain a mystery.

Currently reading; ‘The Power’ by Rhonda Byrne. A really insightful book about the law of attraction, really uplifting and worth a read. ‘The rice mother’ (again!) by Rani Manika, reading this for the fifth time, it’s my all time favourite book and I recommend it one hundred million percent.

Currently hearing; Haim ‘Falling’ this song is on repeat in our house, the hubby and I are obsessed with it and I am certain I should be the fourth member! Jessie Ware, been loving this album for months now, still doesn’t get old, Personal favourite song ‘Taking in water’. The Foals, Holy fire, best song ‘My number’ Awsome! And last but not least, I’m still not tired of, Jason Mraz ‘I won’t give up’ hauntingly beautiful, gives me goosies and chokes me up (I am one of those emotional wrecks who cries at adverts, so a piece of amazing music really hits me where it hurts)

Currently loving; Primer by Nip & Fab, a lovely present off my bestie Nat, makes your make up go on so smooth and perfect. Vivienne Westwood Boudoir perfume, a recent present off my lovely hub, I’ve always loved this perfume but we’ve had a few years seperation and now we’re back together. Vaseline coco butter lip balm, addictive!

iphone34 714 iphone34 687

The Easter egg hunt begins, First little chocolate bunny on his pillow (Or MY pillow whichever way you look at it, this little menace sneaks in at 2 am on the dot every night without fail). A delicious breakfast of smoked salmon, poached egg on wholemeal toast.

iphone34 771 iphone34 808

Two little coconuts off too an Easter party at Nan & Grandads.

iphone34 799 iphone34 834

Spending time with some of their lovely cousins.

iphone34 807 iphone34 680

Creative days expressing themselves through art, My favourite way to spend time together. Sonny’s pictures always make us laugh!

iphone34 821 iphone34 923

‘The Gear’ And Sir Sonny on his way into Alton Towers; Hat & Coat by Zara, Jeans H&M, Suede aztec boots by Next.

iphone34 835 chocolateeaster 014

Statement necklace Primarni bargin! And a sleeping angel (In our bed again!) looking rather skinny, I do feed him promise!

iphone34 854 chocolateeaster 033

My Alton Towers outfit (It was like Siberia) Cashmere hat from Paris, Faux fur gilet Zara, Jumper H&M, Leather trousers H&M, High tops Next.

My beautiful boy basked in sunlight telling me his vivid dreams.

chocolateeaster 034 chocolateeaster 035

Imagine waking up looking like this. Angel.

chocolateeaster 081 chocolateeaster 082

My darling coconut off to a ‘Grand National’ party in his Heritage jacket by Next, Zara t’shirt, Asos kids skinny jeans and Next high tops.

chocolateeaster 110 chocolateeaster 118

Off out for a Chinese with my beautiful girl, Her shirt is Zara, Skirt H&M, Tights & Shoes by Next. My outfit Jacket, T’shirt and Jeans all Zara. Bag Gucci.

chocolateeaster 121 chocolateeaster 123

I love me some washed out ripped denim in the spring, Necklace bought in a boutique in Valencia by my mother… Consequently stolen by me. Sorry mum!

chocolateeaster 126 chocolateeaster 127

Chica y Madre. My shoes are by Topshop. I’m a sucker for a Mary Jane.

chocolateeaster 135 chocolateeaster 136

My girl off out to another social event, Jacket and T’shirt by Zara, Black jeans by Next, Bag, Loafers by Next.

chocolateeaster 137 chocolateeaster 138

Glad to see the back of us?

chocolateeaster 139 chocolateeaster 140

Surreal views on this snowy April in the UK.

chocolateeaster 142 chocolateeaster 143

Isabella and her friend Sophie at Alton Towers, My boy enjoying ice age in 4d (Mummy enjoyed this one too, indoors from the cold and doesn’t make you want to throw up. Perfect)

chocolateeaster 144 chocolateeaster 145

One cool coconut!

chocolateeaster 146 chocolateeaster 147

Isabella and her friend, totally in sync and not even realising it, the penguin walk! Isabella’s outfit; Coat Next, Scarf Zara, Denim cut off’s Matalan, Pumps are Vans.

chocolateeaster 148 chocolateeaster 149

Super smart on Easter Sunday, Sonny Jacket, trousers and boots all Next, Polo shirt Ralph Lauren. Isabella is all in Next.

chocolateeaster 150 chocolateeaster 151 chocolateeaster 152

My outfit, Trousers H&M, T’shirt cos, Shoes Zara, Balmain style jacket ebay, Necklace Primark.

chocolateeaster 153 chocolateeaster 154

Love the print of these trousers, not as much as I love his cheeky face though.

chocolateeaster 155 iphone34 929

This is April is the UK… One minute the sun in shining, the next it’s snowing. The weather is bipolar.

iphone34 938

Little Miss Independant, how elegant is my daughter? Wish I was half as stylish at her age.

I know this was a long one, but a lot happens in the week of a snap happy mum. These pictures weren’t even a fraction. Isabella calls me the paparazzi, somehow I don’t think she means that in a nice way. Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of your Sunday guys.