Studio 2

Last Saturday was date night for the hub and I, a much anticipated occurrence when you have a couple of mini monsters! We enjoy this quality time together immensely and I think it’s so important as a couple to get dressed up, go somewhere nice and enjoy each others company. With the craziness of being parents, working and bills to pay, it becomes quite easy to become passing ships in the night, it’s really nice to be reminded of why you actually like the person you’re with. So we headed over to Studio 2, Liverpool’s legendary recording studio, bands such as Coldplay, Take that, Snow Patrol, Moby and Bjork (to name a few) have recorded there. This place is definitely a must for any music lovers out there, I actually had my 30th birthday party here, I fell in love with the décor and atmosphere. It has since been took over, but certainly hasn’t lost any of the original charm, if anything it is better! There is a host of musical events throughout the week, ranging from Jazz artists, Soulful bands, Weekend dj’s and an eclectic mix of musicians, Something for everyone. The food is delicious, tapas style, you can create your own board to share, perfect, as that way you get to try everything. As always we ordered far to much, the portion sizes are overly generous for the price. And I have to just say, the banoffee pie is the best I’ve ever tasted. We were treated to the talents of two fabulous artists, the first a pretty little thing named Lauren Mcgee, her voice was beautiful and she had a folky style charm about her, so soothing. Next up was the amazing Soweto Kinch (Check him out on youtube) who is an award winning alto-saxophonist and MC. He was performing material off his new album ‘The legend of Mike Smith’ which draws on the seven deadly sins and tells the tale of a young MC caught in the very modern world of temptation, the political messages in his music are incredible and he is nothing short of a lyrical genius. If you like Jazz and you like Hip-Hop this is the man for you. All in all we had a lovely night, great food, wine, music and cocktails (The French martinis are a little piece of heaven!) If you want a cosy night full of entertainment, you should get your little booties over there immediately. I wore one of my favourite Vivienne Westwood suits (My number one designer of all time, but that’s a whole other post!) with black ankle boots from Zara. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, I’m just about to crack open a nice bottle of red, Cheers!

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Suit; Vivienne Westwood, Choker; Vivienne Westwood, Top; H&M, Boots; Zara


Little rascal

Most weekends this little guy is invited to one party or another, his social calendar is pretty hard to keep tabs on. Last Saturday he was invited to the Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port for our nieces birthday, Isabella, being the too cool for School tween that she is, politely passed. This outfit is the standard way I love to dress him, I am especially digging the retro New Balance trainers and the Zara ‘Sheepy’ style coat. I simply have to give credit to him indoors for the New Balance, he was rocking them four years ago before they came ‘back’ so kudos to you big fella (If you’re reading!!) The maroon skinny cords are so stylish for the colder months and work so well with a multitude of colours. Loving this whole vibe, he is one cool little coconut 🙂

little rascal 035 little rascal 036 little rascal 037 little rascal 038 little rascal 039 little rascal 040 26thOctBlog 022

Coat; Zara, T’shirt; Next, Trousers; Zara, Trainers; New Balance

An inch of skin

Admittedly I’m not really a ‘sexy’ (Hate that word, makes me shudder) kind of dresser (or person for that matter), I never dress for men or really show a whole lot of skin. The whole thing just makes me uncomfortable, I much prefer leaving a little to the imagination. However as much as it pains me to say it, over the knee boots are quite overtly sexual. Alas I do love them though, but worn in the right way they can still look classy. The key is to cover everything else up, there’s nothing worse than boobs, bum, bingo wings, back….. trying to think of another B for legs… all hanging out, you get the picture. You want to say ‘You can look but you can’t touch’ not ‘Please come and spend the night with me, I’m £10 an hour’. I wore this outfit last Saturday for a meal at Mal Maison Liverpool, with my gal pals. The food and wine where delicious, as was the company, my cheeks where hurting we laughed so much. My mum recently visited Florence in Italy and picked up this gorgeous skirt from Zara for me and the necklace was also a gift from her (isn’t she the best!). It’s incredibly special as it’s vintage and made from Aurora borealis stones which means ‘Northern lights’ It is inspired by the Northern Lights as it has a special iridescent finish that shines with many colours. These pieces are very rare and was invented in the 1950’s by the Swarovski company with Christian Dior. I love how dainty it is, it is the perfect complement to any outfit. With this outfit I’ve also broke the rule that navy and black should never be paired together, I personally think this is a load of nonsense as the two colours look beautiful together and super chic. Hope you guys are enjoying your Saturday, have a great weekend 🙂

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Coat; Zara, Shirt; Next, Belt; Aqua Couture, Skirt; Zara, Boots; Christian Louboutin, Necklace; Vintage


As soon as I laid my eyes on this skirt, it was love at first sight. The full skirt is quite possibly the most flattering style of skirt for any woman, as it accentuates the smallest part of the waist and stops short just above the ankle, it’s is pretty difficult not to feel ‘Gone with the wind fabulous’ in this stand out piece. This particular one is the softest grey and super heavy, perfect for these colder months, it creates such a dramatic silhouette and just makes you feel ever so lady like. As I was going for afternoon tea with my mum, I was caught up in the moment and went all out. Teamed with simple, pointy black shoes, a fine knit jumper and vintage feather bag I really was channeling my inner high society Princess….Sorry I haven’t lost it, just going with the romantic, girly theme of the skirt! Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba, two of my girl crushes, have also been seen in similar (more expensive) styles. My top tips for wearing this style, is to always keep the top half streamline and fitted, whether that be a t’shirt, jumper or blouse, avoid anything boxy, keep jackets cropped. Let the skirt be the masterpiece, keep heels dainty and feminine, also pointy flat shoes can look equally chic. So treat yourself, break out of the jeans and watch your waist magically shrink to wasp like proportions!

romantic skirt 079 romantic skirt 080 romantic skirt 081 romantic skirt 082 romantic skirt 083 romantic skirt 084 romantic skirt 085 romantic skirt 086

Skirt; H&M, Jumper; H&M, Shoes; Dune, Bag; Vintage.

October inspiration!

How stunning is the UK in the Autumn! It is without a doubt the prettiest time of year in our country, the autumnal colours are so beautiful and I find myself inspired everywhere I look. I’m pretty sad to see October come to an end, its been a lovely month, as was September where we celebrated my beautiful mum turning Fifty, I have uploaded some of the pics from the family get together I organised for her, in the beautiful DeliSabrosa, Ormskirk. Next up is my Sonny’s birthday the beginning of November, then before we know it Christmas is upon us! I’m one of those annoying people who want to put my Christmas tree up in May I love Christmas so much. In our family we’re all very festive and do tend to go a tad over the top at times, any excuse for a celebration. So anyway I thought I would share with you guys some of the photo’s I have captured over the past two months as you all know I am snap happy. Enjoy!

October inspirations 043 October inspirations 044 October inspirations 045 October inspirations 046 October inspirations 047 October inspirations 048 September2013 038 September2013 054 September2013 055 September2013 056 September2013 386 September2013 387 September2013 388 September2013 389 September2013 391 September2013 395 September2013 398 September2013 400 September2013 401 September2013 408

My gold skirt; American Apperal, Top; Reiss, Shoes; Zara

Birthday Girl!

So today I turned the grand old age of 32, I’m actually loving my thirties, I’m so much more confident than my teens/early twenties and have literally come to that liberating point where I don’t worry about what people think of me anymore. Plus age ain’t nothing but a number, as Aaliyah sweetly sang, I still feel 21! Today I had a lovely lunch with my beautiful Mum, Nan, Auntie and my adorable cousin Freyja. We went to my favourite place The Vincent, had some amazing food and lots of laughs. I wore this green maxi from Zara (You may have seen a previous post with the same skirt in yellow, I loved it so much I had to get the green!) teamed with a black leather biker jacket, ankle boots and a grey beret, it is the perfect Autumn outfit. These skirts are so versatile and can be easily dressed up or down, this bottle green one is firmly becoming a favourite wardrobe staple. I’ve just had my presents and cake off my wonderful coconuts and husband and I must say I’m feeling pretty blessed and grateful to have so many special people in my life. So cheers to all the mummies in their thirties, who have to make a little bit more of an effort than we used to, watch our weight a little more surreptitiously than before and can’t put our faces in the sun no longer, but still feel fabulous and are loving every minute!

my birthday 2013 123 my birthday 2013 124 my birthday 2013 125 my birthday 2013 127 my birthday 2013 126 my birthday 2013 115 my birthday 2013 116 my birthday 2013 118 my birthday 2013 122 my birthday 2013 128 my birthday 2013 132


Jacket; Next. Skirt; Zara. T’shirt; Next. Boots; Mango. Necklace; Zara. Bag; Chanel. Hat; Vintage bought in Paris.

Sensual Stuffed Peppers!

So this post has to have my favourite title ever, but these little fellas are pretty sensual, like a fiesta on your taste buds. I make these stuffed peppers all the time, sometimes just as a snack or as a side dish with some grilled fish or chicken. Super easy and cheap, cheap, cheap!! The main component of the stuffing is the wholegrain rice, the rest is up to you, But I find these ingredients really complement each other. They are really filling and nutritious. Last night my hubby was out with friends and my daughter was at my mums house, So it was just me and my little guy who had ate his favourite tomato and veggie penne for tea. I don’t really like just cooking for one so was on the verge of ordering a take away, but decided to do these instead, they only take 30 minutes and are so much nicer that having all that gross greasy food in your system. A lovely glass of white wine and Disney films with my date turned into a lovely perfect Friday night.

What you will need; Peppers (any colour) Wholegrain rice 1 small cup, Handful of olives, Few fresh coriander leaves, Half of a red chilli, A few spring onions, Handful of cherry tomatoes, Cheese (Whatever cheese you prefer, I used good old ched for these ones, but goats cheese works really well) Mango chutney (Optional)

october2013 140 october2013 141

Step one; Bring to the boil your rice, with a little salt, cover and let it simmer for 20 mins, Meanwhile slice your pepper down the middle and remove seeds, drizzle with a little oil, season and let it soften in the oven for 20 mins at 180-200 degrees.

Step two; Mix the rest of your ingredients into a bowl, with some chunks of the cheese also (Make sure there is some left to grate over the peppers)

Step three; When your rice is ready mix into the bowl and stuff into the peppers, grate over the remaining cheese and pop back into the oven for a further ten minutes until it is all lovely and gooey.

Step four; Pour yourself a glass of wine, put a little dollop of mango chutney on the side and enjoy!!

P’s Sorry for lack of pictures, It was only when I’d finished cooking these little beauties I decided to blog about them.