5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Congrats – you write so well – and that has been a very enjoyable read for me. I got your contact from netmums and your blog is the first Parent Blog…in actual fact…the first ever blog….I have seen. You express everything so well….in a way which I (and maybe others) can relate to it so easily as we are in a similar situation…..holidays… the school runs/routines….and a bit of normality And ME time!!!!I wanted to know why you refer to your little…well, 12 is not so little, girl as “coconut”? is it a pet name/nick name?? – just curious….and lastly, I also heard the “No Diggity” song on Youtube….yeah, its great background music…..and I also love your pics too, keep up the great work…..
    PS. I tried to like your page – but I don’t know how to, coz it asks me to log in to wordpress – and I do not have any login for word-press. I am not a blogger yet….although, I will be in the near future – Watch this space!!

    • Thank you for your lovely comments, Yes ‘Coconuts’ is just a little nickname I use for both my children, as when they where born their little fuzzy heads reminded me, indeed, of coconuts haha! I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog, I really enjoy doing it and for me the writing is theraputic. If you would like to recieve emails when I upload a new post, just put your email in to follow. Thanks again, much appreciated xx

  2. Hi ! I am also a fan of your blog and I adore your photos. They are just beautiful ! Are they made with your phone ?? I suspect they are and I think I need to up my game a little … I love the one with the park bench in Autumn (from last Oct). Congrats’ on the blog. I also found you on netmums: I am always looking for great blogs because I work for home (trying to set up a school advisory website and they make up for the lack of friends or colleagues 🙂
    best of luck 🙂

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your lovely comment, I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. I must admit between family life and working it is difficult to find the time to keep updating. I think I need to make a lot more of an effort as I really do love writing and the photography. Yes I use my iphone for the photo’s, there is a great app called afterlight, It really makes a difference with the quality of the pictures. Good luck with your website and make sure you subscribe so you will receive an email as and when I post a new blog. Thanks again for your comment, much appreciated. Lots of exciting posts to come 🙂

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