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Today on the blog, I have my first ‘Guest blogger’. I was recently contacted by an author and independent green contractor from the USA, to feature a blog on environmentally responsible tourism as it’s applied in modern day travel and stay. I thought this would be of interest to my readers, as it is something I am interested in learning more about also. Just doing my part on spreading awareness about looking after this gorgeous planet we call Mother nature. I shall hand you over to Sam Marquait, his book is called Fair Marquait Value, definitely worth checking out.


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Sustainability just around the corner

Building and living green should be a priority for all people in today’s world.  After all, unless we start consciously living and acting in a sustainable manner, many of the things we hold dear will disappear within the next few generations. This is why, as a contractor with experience building green, corporations always impress me and organizations that act locally and globally to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


The Go Green Initiative is one example of this belief in action. They focus a significant amount of energy on conservation training to promote a culture of conserving our natural resources. To accomplish this they go into businesses as well as community centers and schools, believing that in addition to teaching children the value of conservation it is not too late to train adults to change their ways as well.


Sometimes it takes a village, or an entire city, to work together to make positive environmental change. The city of San Francisco proved this to be possible by partnering with ESRI to reduce their greenhouse emissions throughout their city fleet. By using software to map the most efficient routes and keep drivers aware of traffic delays and construction zones, they plan to reduce the carbon footprint and gas usage by up to twenty percent a year.


As far as corporations go, the Marriott hotel chain made a positive step towards helping the planet with their new key card policies. The chain, which has switched to green key cards made of corn by-products that are biodegradable, will save upwards of five hundred pounds of plastic being thrown into landfills per hotel with their new key cards. This equals out to over sixty-six tons of plastic per year not being thrown out by the chain and guests. While this may seem like a small gesture overall, it will likely prompt other hotels to follow their lead.


Likewise, the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas has stood out as the industry leader in green construction and innovation, so much so that it has been named the “Most Eco Friendly Hotel in America.” They boast everything from solar panels to reduce heating costs and wasting of electricity, but also a reusable waste system. This LEED certified hotel focused on introducing energy efficient appliances, light fixtures, and design into their plans, making it easy to see why they are leading the way in eco tourist destinations.


Conservation is possible in today’s world, and these groups and enterprises make it abundantly clear that it is possible to change the way people act and think in a positive way. My hope is that this trend continues and it seems as though it will. Especially with the various programs and the new Las Vegas hotels in particular continuing to innovate the industry. Other businesses have the opportunity to mimic the “green blueprint” of others.


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