Hola Espana

As soon as we land in Spain and that warm heat and balmy, salty scent hits me I know our summer holidays have officially begun. We holiday in a small costal town near Valencia, which is our second home. It is a beautiful place with amazing beaches, restaurants, cocktail bars and places for the Children. This area of Spain is a place where mostly Spanish holiday and is completely unspoilt, you won’t find any high rise buildings or tacky English pubs! Whilst here I will be practicing plenty of sunrise yoga with my mum (Always helps when your mum’s a yoga teacher!) Eating lots of healthy fish dishes and yummy salads, working out with my brother (Also helps when he is a personal trainer) and his girlfriend (Both of them are like machines, you will probably find me having a near death experience in the corner of the gym, drowned in my own sweat from trying to keep up!) and just living the simplistic perfect lifestyle I adore. Watching the coconuts swim, play and make new friends, having late night dips and a few cocktails (Or mocktails!) at the beach huts suit us aplenty. Be sure to keep checking for my holiday must haves and the perfect beach chic outfits


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