Feeling nostalgic.

Since I mentioned it was my anniversary I have had quite a few emails asking me about my wedding, So I thought I would share some of my photographs from our special day with you. Now as my hubby is a little ‘Blog shy’ I have to be pretty selective about which pictures to publish. It’s pretty hard to believe our wedding was five years ago, time just seems to fly by, on our tenth wedding anniversary I would like us to renew our vows with some of our closest family and friends. We were wed in an idyllic setting in a monastery in the mountains of Spain, We had our reception in the Marriott hotel and carried on the celebrations the next day in an amazing beach bar with an all white theme. The atmosphere was just incredible and I can honestly say it was the best weekend of our lives. I hope you can enjoy these wonderful pictures, I’m getting a little choked looking through them, it’s been a while!


TD003 TD013 TD019 TD020 TD024 TD031 TD034 TD038 TD040 TD057 TD058 TD060 TD066 TD067 TD074TD098 TD116 TD123 TD133 TD177 TD191 TD192 TD194TD197 TD205 TD206 TD207 TD208 TD209 TD210 TD211 TD240 TD245 TD255 TD256TD283 TD284 TD285 TD286


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