A little touch of neon

My personal style definitely reflects in the way I dress my Children, hence the constant breton t’shirts, boucle jackets (Isabella) high tops and chinos. I tend to gravitate towards more muted colours, but I do love a little shocking neon to liven things up now and again. Isabella’s current obsession is the satchel, she has a good collection and this neon pink one is beautiful. I must admit I have been tempted to steal it on a few occasions. For me the perfect way to wear neons is in an accessorie be it a bag, shoe, necklace or belt. A really understated outfit with the bright pop of colour can really look effective and add a little edge to any outfit. My rule is not to go to far, head to toe neon is never a good look, unless of course you are channeling your inner ‘Cebeebies’ presenter look. Pink and grey is a match made in heaven anyway, so this outfit on my little coconut was a winner. Really age appropriate, funky and cool, a great way to keep on trend with whats current and still look like an innocent tweleve year old.

bekis shhot 051 neons 116 neons 117 neons 118 neons 119 neons 120

Bag by LDC, Jacket Next, T’shirt Zara, Sequin shorts Next, Pumps Vans


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