One shirt, Five ways.

Sometimes I am faced with the dilema of looking through a sea of clothes in my wardrobes, but have nothing to wear. I’m sure it is the bain of most our lives, Sometimes you find yourself thinking ‘If only I had that perfect top to go with this, or I wish I had the right shoes then I could wear that’ A lot of the time we actually do have these items in our possesion, but just don’t utilise what we own. Often in my case (I am terribly ashamed to admit) it’s to avoid ironing, I try to throw on clothes that don’t need to be ironed as I hate it with a passion. For the record I haven’t ironed for my husband ever and I make the coconuts earn their keep by doing all of mine. (The latter was a joke of course, wishful thinking!!) Anyway, every few months I like to have a wardrobe ‘refresher’ so I can see what I’ve got and put outfits together, It’s quite exciting as often, you find pieces that you forgot you had or that ‘perfect’ top.. bag.. skirt you’ve been thinking you needed. This is my take on a good old denim shirt, super versatile, stylish, chic, casual whatever you need it to be. You can get great vintage ones in charity shops or ebay for a couple of pounds and they look really cool when they’re distressed. Here are my five favourite ways to wear a denim shirt. Enjoy!

one shirt five ways 034 one shirt five ways 036

Denim shirt worn throughout is from Next.

My first look is perfect for the School run, everyday running around and even smart enough for a lunch date or a meeting.

Jacket Zara, Jeans Topshop, Boots Next

My second look is great for a date night, I go by the rule ‘Legs or chest’ and I never show both. So if I’m wearing a short skirt I think the contrast of a more casual top makes it a little cooler. I would also wear this skirt with a loose fitting white t’shirt.

Skirt and shoes Zara, Bag Mango

one shirt five ways 035 one shirt five ways 037

This third look is a favourite for holidays, beautiful summer days in the park with the children or a lazy afternoon in beer garden. Looks great worn with flats or with wedges if you need the height.

Fedora, Ralph Lauren. Skirt, Primark

one shirt five ways 042 one shirt five ways 039

This fourth look is perfect for when you are attending a concert or gig and you don’t want to be to overly dressed, but still look like you’ve made an effort. I often wear this look daily, but I’m not really one for heels in the daytime, Fortunatley this also looks super cool with a pair of converse or hightops.

T’shirt, Lanvin. Trousers, H&M. Shoes, Christian Louboutin

one shirt five ways 041 one shirt five ways 038

My final look is a night with the girls, this look is ideal for anyone who likes to wear bodycon dresses but doesn’t feel comfortable revealing to much skin. I actually think the shirt over the dress keeps it younger and more fresh looking. It is also less ‘try hard’ which is a look I personally prefer to the more overdone vibe.

Dress, Zara. Shoes, Topshop. Bag, Thomas Wilde.

Of course these five looks are just a sample of what you can create, But the whole idea is to just use what you already have and have fun creating your own outfits and revitilising pieces you may of thought you wouldn’t wear again or you could only wear of a daytime. I love mixing up my daytime clothes with night, plus it saves you money and you feel like you’ve got a whole new wardrobe in the process.


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