Limousine life.

Tomorrow my little darling Issy turns twelve, her best friend went on holiday yesterday so we decided to celebrate early this year. Celebrate in style she did, Tuesday her and nine of her friends where picked up by a humongous limo and taken to spend the day at a beauty parlour. I bought some cocktail mixers (Non alchoholic of course. Duh!) cupcakes and sandwich party platters (I bought them from Morrisons, which by the way, are brilliant if you’re having people over for afternoon tea!) I had a beautiful cake made by the very talented Emma, you can find her on facebook ‘Emy-Lou’s celebration cakes’ it tasted as good as it looked too. And they spent the day getting pampered and preened by the lovely ladies at ‘Sitting Pretty’ in Birkdale village. Isabella had a fantastic day and the squeals of laughter coming from the limo (Not to mention the singing, cats choir much?) where just infectious. I must say I am very proud of my daughter and the friends she has chose, they are a wonderful group of girls. I was half wishing I was in their ‘gang’ oh to be twelve again! Of course Sonny had to join in on the action and rode with the girls in the limo, he loved it, but managed to do the impossible and fall asleep in it on the way home. How he acheived this I’ll never know, What with Calvin Harris ‘I’m drinking from the bottle’ blasting and ten over excited tweens screaching on top notch. Ouch! Whilst they where enjoy a day of beautifying my dad and I (The hub stuck at work. Boo!) took Sonny for a meal at Ask, Italians, in Southport. First time I’ve been and I would definitely recommend it, the building was stunning, it’s really child friendly and the food was yummy and reasonable. Once the girls all piled back into our house, windswept and hoarse I lit the cake and we all sang happy birthday to Issy. When I tucked her into bed that night, she asked me ‘Have you ever felt so happy you feel like your heart could burst and you want to cry?’ What more could you ask for as a parent.

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